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    1) What kind of items do you produce with SALA® machines and what are the weaknesses of your product? *


    2) What was the nature of the problem you had and that pushed you to look for an alternative and better solution? *

    FlexibilityAccuracyChip managementHigh productivity


    Could you explain in details what were your requirements? *


    3) Before starting to work with SALA®, have you tried other machines to solve this problem? *


    If yes, which ones?
    Multi spindleDouble spindleTransfer
    Please, explain what of this first solution didn’t satisfy you and what pushed you to rely on SALA® machines.


    4) List 3 benefits of SALA® machines that you never found in any other machine on the market. *


    5) How is going on your cooperation with SALA®? Has the after-sales service always corresponded to your expectations in terms of efficiency, continuity and timeliness? *


    6) Would you recommend SALA® brand to someone? Why would you do that for? *


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