Retooling the machine while still in production?
Yes, you can with Linea Spindle!

The only patented CNC linear multi-spindle

That never interrupts your production cycle

Linea Spindle is the one and only linear CNC numeric control multispindle produced in series, developed with a standard configuration on the basis of the Lean Production concepts.

Linea Spindle is


Linea Spindle Avoids:

  • wasted materials

  • Storage costs

  • Space problems


  • Work with various types of raw material (bar, forging, sintered, cast)

  • Produce two identical pieces or two different pieces simultaneously


  • Easy and safe access to the tooling area

  • No need for highly traines workers

SALA srl torni plurimandrino
SALA srl torni plurimandrino
SALA srl torni plurimandrino

With linea spindle the lean philosophy comes into your business

Relying on a Lean Production System means choosing to:

  • Manufacture only what you sell

  • Produce more and faster

  • Avoid material wastes

  • Minimize storage costs

With Linea Spindle, bar machining isn’t abandoned but rather perfected!

The secret lies in starting from a single bar piece or slug that enters the machine pre-cut, providing the following benefits:

  • Greater safety in the machine workshop

  • Less wasted raw material

  • Maximum precision

  • Elimination of vibrations

  • Possibility of machining bars from 5 mm to 80 mm in diameter, using the same machine

  • Reduce machine changeover times significantly

SALA srl torni plurimandrino

Visit the blog of Linea Spindle


Visit the blog of Linea Spindle

Not just standard machines!

Our team also specializes in designing special solutions to satisfy our customers’ production needs.