What our customers say about us

Sala srl - references - parker hannifin

“We use this machine for manufacturing large and small batches of items that require high precision. […] Particularly appreciated feature of the machine is the work area being simply accessible for carrying out tooling operations quickly and easily”.

Sala srl - references - sfs

“The old production lines consisted of multi-spindle machines. We chose Sala machines, because they ensure great Flexibility, accessibility for set up and tool adjustments and ease of chip ejection.

Sala srl - references - vimi fasteners

“Compared to other market proposals, Sala machines provide two main advantages that have proved useful for our type of production: reduced downtime and machine’s structural rigidity”.

Sala srl - references - agrati

“With just one passage we are able to carry out all the processes required, thus reducing production and processing costs”.

Sala srl - references - caleffi

“Our SALA machine allowed us to achieve all the goals that an efficient and effective production can aim at. I’m talking in terms of quality, costs, and process repeatability of the machined product, as well as reliability and ease of use of the machine”.

Sala srl - references - giacomini

“We used multi-spindle machines, which did not ensure the quality and flexibility expected. […] We also reduced tooling and service times by 30%”.

Sala srl - references - siral

“The capability of manufacturing workpieces featuring high technical specifications and low cycle times, reliability, and flexibility, when it comes to changing an item, are the main strengths of Sala machines”.

Sala srl - references - itap

“We have been using Sala machines since 1974 and we are so satisfied in terms of productivity, quality and efficiency that we haven’t even evaluated other products available on the market, since then”.

Sala srl - references - ford meter box

“Thanks to Sala’s machines, we have sharply increased our productivity”.

Sala srl - references - sundwiger

“Sala machines ensure: accessibility, also for maintenance purposes; a tidy work environment; easy programming; an easy-to-use interface; quick tooling”.

Sala srl - references - sferc

“In the past we have experimented some other solutions, which have shown many limits compared to Sala machines”.

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